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Thread: wrist extensor recovery-looking for flexible splint/glove

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    wrist extensor recovery-looking for flexible splint/glove

    I’m c-5, 15 years post injury. Several months ago my wrist extensors regained some function, I can bend my wrist back, & my fingers create a pinching movement. However, my wrist is very unstable, unless I keep the muscles tense, & my fingers create a very light pinch & things just slide through them.

    Can anyone recommend a splint or glove that would help stabilize my wrist while still allowing it to move? The same goes for my fingers… something with some tackiness or texture to cover them so things don’t slide so much.

    Thanks much

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    wrist hand extensor

    I am also in search for a glove ... there is one out there it has been seen but unfortunately they can't remember the web site ... this glove has strong elastic meshed in along the back of the fingers and thumb coming down to a pad of same elastic on the back of the hand, my son's fingers close but he can't open them and this glove will aid him by pulling the hand to open position. By flexing the fingers it will help to strengthen and exercise the hand until the hand will work by natural control. So if anyone has heard or seen this product please let me know by posting .... thanks

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    You could have a custom splint made, if I remember correctly it is called a wrist driven flexor splint. Again, this is custom made and not cheap.
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