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Thread: 2003 Chevy venture

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    2003 Chevy venture

    Anyone interested in this Chevy Van? it's a silver 2003 Chevrolet Venture with 30,500 miles. The passenger seat in front is a transfer seat- it moves back into the interior of the van, then swivels and goes up or down for easy seating. There is an automatic wheelchair ramp with a remote control and buttons reachable by both the driver and a person in the back.

    AM/FM/CD/cassette player, air conditioning, power windows...

    It's in excellent condition with the exception of a few spots on the carpet (which I haven't tried to clean yet) and the latch that is supposed to keep the sliding door on the driver's side open. On an incline, the door needs to be propped open or it will slide forward.

    That's all the info I have for now. It is a friends van. I believe it was very well cared for.

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    "vin # 1GBDX23E43D157676
    2003 Chevrolet Venture Minivan
    CA License 5SWB956 renews in Feb 2010 ($199 in '09); passed smog on
    CARFAX report 2/13/06: 2 previous owners in Florida- 1st purchased
    4/23/03, sold 6/23/05 w/ 17,408 miles. Mileage in California on
    11/18/05- 25,143. I purchased the van 2/13/06 w/ mileage of 25,160. I
    have a copy of the report if anyone wants to see it.

    The sliding door behind the driver is operated manually. (The catch to
    hold it open on an incline needs repair.)
    The ramp door is automatic, as are the ramp and the lowering of the
    vehicle. To operate these, there is a remote, a button on the dash, a
    button behind the front passenger, and a button closer to the floor to
    the rear of the ramp. There is an override safety lock button within
    reach of the driver.

    The transfer seat was given a $2000 value by the dealer. It is

    I purchased the van in 2/06 and put less than 6,000 miles on
    it. Oil changes were regular; it was last changed 3 weeks ago. We
    replaced the battery in January 2007. No problems with the van. The
    interior is in excellent condition
    The exterior is also in excellent condition.

    Radio, cassette player and CD player. Rear control for temp. Back vent
    windows open & close with a button up front. Owner's manual is in the
    glove box."

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