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Thread: possibly relocating, where to move to

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    I would NOT base a decision to come to Houston based on TIRR and wouldn't bother darkening their doorway. When my son was there, I never saw anyone under 16 in the gym which is used for inpatient and outpatient. As far as medical, yes, Houston is the best for pediatrics!!! As Cmoore stated, Hurricane season can be quite a pain. Last year during IKE, we were without power and water for 9 days and we're almost 100 miles North of the coast. Generators are a must have.
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    Yeah, don't base any decision around TIRR or hurricanes. TIRR has its ups and down sides. There are plenty of other places in the area, like shriners in Galveston.

    Hurricanes, pure hype.
    1. before Rita, we went 14 years without a hurricane. so hurricanes are not gaurantee yearly.
    2. before rita, the last cat. 3 or higher was in 1958.
    3. there are places you can go in your situation.

    houston suburb schools have the money to provide your child with an excellent education. i still say katy is one of the best.
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