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Thread: possibly relocating, where to move to

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    possibly relocating, where to move to

    I have a 7 year old daughter with a C1-C2 sci. She is on a vent and nonverbal. We are currently in Knoxville TN. The schools are miserable and the doctors and therapy are not that great. We drive to Baltimore (9 hours to see good doctors). I am thinking of relocating, and wanted some input. I am a warm weather person, no getting around it so I'd like to stay in a warmer climate. I also feel she'll stay healthier without the freezing cold winter as well. She has been extremely healthy and happy the 6 years she's been injured and don't want to compromise that. But I do want her to have an education, which she is not getting now. She is pretty much wasting away in a CDC-A classroom. It's like sending her to a crappy babysitter! I am also wanting good doctors and therapists in the area, people who are comfortable treating and working with high level SCI.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!!

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    You might investigate Atlanta, Ga or the Research Triangle area of N.C. to see if either of those areas can satisfy your criteria.

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    I'm a little bias, but I would say you can't go wrong in Texas.
    Houston, Austin, San Antonio areas are warm year round.

    Houston has the worlds largest medical center. Texas Childrens Hospital for specialty care.
    I would recommend a Houston suburb like Katy, filthy rich school districts.

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    I admire you, your wanting to get your dtr the best of everything. The weather, education, care. No worry about your self, there should be more great parents out there like yourself. I don't have a recommendation, just amazed there are still parents out there like this. Do a good job, your worth it, lucky child, I hope they appreciated it.

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    Wow, thanks you all. I will look into all options. I need to find what is going to be best for her. She has more potential then people give her credit for and I want her to use it all! Thanks again!

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    I've been a C2/3 quad since age 3. In the 24 years since, I've graduated from regular high school, college, am in college again and own my own business. Your daughter has a lot of potential and ability to follow many career paths, more than some realize. I'm very glad to hear of your searching and hope it works out well for your family.
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    Come to think of it Seattle has the U of W SCI center, and not that it's that warm around here, we don't have hurricanes or tornado's. Once every 20 yrs or so an earthquake that lasts abot 30 seconds, thats not much to put up with. Good luck.

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    1. If you do not have health insurance and live in Harris County you can get care at the Harris County Hospital District. The Houston suburb counties do not have any similar form of county health system and your child would have to be transported to Houston for care in case of illness. If you are insured, there are two great Pediatric Hospitals in the Texas Medical Center.
    It's Hurricane season. While you would qualify for priority power restoration because of the ventilator, you'd be out of luck during a storm and right afterwards unless you had a back up generator. Houston public schools are not in good shape except for the wealthy zip codes. It's not just warm weather. Imagine living inside your mouth for 4 months a year (98.6 degrees and moist)
    TIRR does not take children under 16.

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    More on Houston:

    TIRR's outpatient program does accept pediatric patients in case that plays into your decision.

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