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Thread: Uromax? Ditropan XL? WTH?

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    Uromax? Ditropan XL? WTH?

    So a bit over a month ago I had Urodynamics done. I had cut my oxybutinin intake to 5 mg/ 1x a day from 2x over the winter on my own volition because... because. After my Urodynamics I went back to 2x a day because the nurse said 5mg/day wasn't really effective. A week ago she called saying the doctor is switching me to 3x ditropan XL 5mg. I was having a cystoscopy today so I figured I'd wait until then to pick up the Ditropan XL and go from there. This morning at the cysto he writes me a script for 1x Uromax 15mg.

    Here's the thing: I go to the pharmacist this aft after my cysto and picked up the Ditropan XL AND the Uromax. I asked the lady if the scripts weren't redundant and she said uh... I don't think so. Looking on the net now these two scripts are looking mighty redundant to me. Should I just take one and return the other?

    I'm reimbursed by my insurance and all but holy crap. $250 for a months worth of Ditropan XL vs. $60 for a months worth of Uromax? Jesus H. Murphy!

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    You need to call your doctor and see what he wants you to take.

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    Thanks CKO. Didn't touch the Ditropan XL, I called the urology nurse from my cysto yesterday this morning and she said I should only be taking the Uromax. Went to the pharmacy and was reimbursed for the Ditropan XL.

    Thanks again!

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