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Thread: $10,000.00+ For a Tilite ZR

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDecafPlz View Post
    John, F this. I would rather have a caring, knowledgeable PT measure me out, print out spec sheets from manufacturer's web site and then submit to Spinlife/Sportaide(ugh) for the chair. Shit, I'd rather just slip someone a couple hundred dollars tax-free, direct rather than this.
    i wouldnt let a pt spec me out for anything. i do it all myself rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    I talked with a guy yesterday and asked him if they charge MSRP and he said they bill MSRP but insurance companies usually pay part (most) of this and the client is left with the rest and they simply accept what the insurance company pays. Clearly not all follow this policy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    i wouldnt let a pt spec me out for anything. i do it all myself
    John, why are you paying someone a commission when you don't even need them to spec you out? Every DME rep I've ever dealt with is a used car salesman. Even if you have a good rep there, why pay an extra couple hundred, thousand, whatever?
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Spec. sheets

    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    I wouldn't let a pt spec me out for anything. i do it all myself.
    I agree with you on this.

    I did my own specification sheet that Tilite provided at their web site. It was required by my insurance company that I get fitted by a physical therapist. I also had additional modifications that I wrote on a separate sheet of paper. My first Tilite 'chair I got fitted from the therapists at the Cleveland Clinic. There is where I learned about Otto Boch "The Cloud" cushion. These men and women knew their stuff!

    "Fresh outs" don't even have a clue about a 'chair. It is after so many years later that they know what they want on a 'chair.

    My first 'chair was an eighteen inch width. It was huge! I asked the salesperson during the fitting of my second 'chair, "Why was I fitted for an 18" width frame?" He replied back, "In many cases the patient gains weight over the years that is why I was fitted with an 18" not a 16" inch frame."[1] It was a big difference going from 18" to 16" frame width. That is why I always watch what I eat and keep my weight down.

    I'll have some pictures this weekend of my Tilite ZR.

    [1] Miller's Omed, Cleveland, Ohio

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    Equipment questions

    I'm new to this forum. I was injured in 1980, C6-7. I'm 51 and in the best shape of my life. I just had twin boys on the 4th of July and I have a 17yr old son and 3 yr old girl. I've lost about 40 lbs over the last 6 years by cardio, diet and weights. I'm 5'8 and went from a size 36 to 30, 175 lbs to 135.
    I've been driving a 7 series BMW, with a Robot 2001 that comes from the trunk and takes my TILITE folding chair. ( if you want to check out robot)
    I recently had a problem w/robot and now I have to drive from Boston to Toronto for service. It's been great for 5 years and I think the computer got screwed up because I got stuck in a downpour w/the robot fully extended.
    I've been reading your post and I'm wondering if it's time for a rigid chair and if there is someone in the Boston area that could advise me on adjustments, size, etc. Also, I'd like to stick with a bigger, higher-end car, BMW, Benz, Audi, or another suggestion. I would give up the robot, but need something easy to get chair in.


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    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion View Post

    I'll have some pictures this weekend of my Tilite ZR.
    Guess your camera broke

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    Do you need glasses?

    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    Guess your camera broke
    Look at my original post. The pictures are there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion View Post
    Look at my original post. The pictures are there.


    What's the angle of the backrest?

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    not 'possible to see some photos of your ZR thanks

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    I know this happens in all claims not just medical... But no wonder we're paying with our limbs when insurance companies are charged such exorbitant dollars when you yourself could go to sport aid or even the manufacturer themselves and pay half that... insurance companies are so freekin crooked its not funny. the companies that deal with them are accessories after the fact. this is so messed up...

    I am riled because my own insurance costs are through the roof. and that's not public indemnity either that's another story. It can't be oil that's driving up the cost of living it's the cost of insurance.

    Damn shameful!!!

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