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Thread: $10,000.00+ For a Tilite ZR

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    $10,000.00+ For a Tilite ZR

    Talking about cost for a manual 'chair. I recently got my Tilite ZR and its total cost came to $10,130.40! Attached is the receipt for the 'chair. I'll post pictures at another time. No polished frame either!

    I had other modifications done to it as to see the serial number sitting from the 'chair. At Tilite there was a big discussion about honoring this request because where do they put the serial number? Under the seat on the cross bar. When you telephone Tilite about your 'chair, what is the first question they ask you? What is your serial number? I can look down and there it is!

    Other options: aluminum seat pan, Spinergy LX rims, fixed "V" tapered back at 14", JetStream Pro Low back. Otto Boch "The Cloud" cushion and titanium hand rims sandblasted to a course finish for extra grip.

    My Tilite TR lasted nine years with very little problems. I took it to China three times during its life time.

    I recently read a thread today that some Tilite 'chairs are not being made to correct specifications. The man who fitted me for my Tilite ZR was a physical therapist. When he fitted me for the ZR he used a tablet notebook computer provide by Tilite to properly fit the person to the 'chair so mistakes could not be made. If there was a mistake or an incorrect fit or certain parts wouldn't work together correctly the computer would sound a noise and you would have to go back and correct the problem. When you were done you had your custom fitted 'chair with no manufacturing errors.

    My medical insurance paid for the entire cost with $0 co-pay.

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