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Thread: Respite experiences at VA SCI Center, quads?

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    Respite experiences at VA SCI Center, quads?

    Sorry about my improper terminology by using the word "quad" but we all know what I mean. And I ask for quads because generally we are the more dependent patients.

    Any quads do respite at your VA SCI Center? Experiences, versus regular admissions for medical reasons, appreciated. E.g.; lack of sufficient staff to provide care at a comfortable level, etc.. If you're not comfortable discussing openly, please send me a Private Message.

    Positive experiences definitely welcome, thank you.

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    You may have a problem doing your respite at your designated SCI Center unless that is also your home VA. While SCI veterans who live in the community with a paid or family caregiver are entitled to respite hospitalization, it is not required that this be done at a VA SCI Center. It can be at your home (local) VA med-surg or nursing home care unit (Community Living Center) or even in a contract community nursing home (at the VA's expense).

    I know that we only provide respite admissions at our VA SCI Center for our local Veterans, and for them, we allow up to two weeks, up to twice per year with reservations ahead of time required (as per 1176.1 regulations require). Many do not take advantage of this even though eligible. We generally do their annual evaluation during this stay as well.


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    Thank you, KLD. This is my 20th year with the VA, but first respite experience. Fortunately, my SCI Center in Seattle accommodated me (reserved last year, and in conjunction with my annual evaluation). My concern was feeling like an extra, unnecessary load on an already strained staff. But that didn't happen; I was just another patient, and in fact, was able to address a few other issues over those couple weeks. So, though I don't feel the need to avoid respite any more than admission for medical reason, I will try to have an alternative plan in the future. Sure wouldn't want to resort to the alternatives you mention.

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