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Thread: Wells Engberg hand control question

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    Wells Engberg hand control question

    Can anyone familliar with the Wells Engberg throttle style hand controls explain to me what this "lever" does?

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    it is kinda cruise control. instead of gripping and twisting, you can push that lever by your palm, while your fingers except the thumb are still around the grip.
    basically you relese the grip with the thumb, and then push with the bottom of your thumb/inner part of your palm that lever.

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    Thanks. I think I can picture how that works.

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    I've had several sets of these. In my opinion, they are one of the best!

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    How reliable is the cable for the accelerator? Did it ever need replacing or tightening?

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    I have had those controls for many years and haven't broken a cable. I keep a spare just in case! I have damaged the end plastic shielding from bumping it with my knee though. The part right up by the twist grip. I wrapped it in black electrical tape recently. That small extra L shaped lever is also very nice on cars that have a strong throttle body spring as it allows extra leverage to twist.

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