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Thread: Need advice regarding moving on.

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    I agree with Bill - and for me, prozac is helpful to me for mood /depression disorders & has a long history - not a lot of side affects for me, but I'm new at this sci thing. His doctor would be more helpful in that department, but it's one you & your husband should check out. Good luck, and God bless
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    Hang in there!!


    I have worked with SCI for over 10 years and with new injured SCI's, this is always hard for them as well as family and friends. I know some people will see a psychologists for help in how to encourage a new SCI.

    I have also seen many of my friends who said this injury has changed thier lives. They have accomplished more after thier injury that they may have never done prior ti thier injury.

    Robert Sculler once said that "Tough times never last, but tough people do"!!

    Hang in there and things will get better!!

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    It sounds a lot like my wife's situation.
    Spinal stroke 2-08. T6 para.

    She's just beginning to recover emotionally from her loss.
    It takes some people a long time--at some point he will improve.

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    I'm a T6 and I say it is too soon also. It took me a good year before I didn't cry everyday. Give him all the time he needs. My huusband gave me time and space and that turned out to be very wise!


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