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Thread: My brother Bud........

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    After my SCI I was at the Rehabilitation Center of St. Louis and it was fantastic but then again I dont have anything to compare it to. However, it is the only really good place I know of in St. Louis.

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    Julie is hearing good things about St Louis. She has also been getting reports on Chicago. I know that Chicago is sposed to be one of the best, but the majority of people she has talked to prefer St Louis. To be honest, St Louis is closer to us but we know not to choose on our convenience!

    I guess we will see.......................

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    Update on Brother.

    Bud had a trach inserted on Friday. They were going to start weaning him off the ventolator then but have not started yet because his blood gas levels are not good yet. And he is DEMANDING to go home now. We are encouraging him to hang in there and it will happen with alot of help from him.

    My question is: What suggestions do any of you have to help him understand how important it is for him to have the positive attitude that is needed for a successful recovery.

    Some of his attitude may be from the fact that he can NO LONGER EVER chew his beloved tobacco or have the amount of beer he was used to consuming.

    The accident happened June 20th and he remains in ICU. Is it too early for me to suggest a chess game or etc? I dont think he has the hand control to move his own pawns, but he can tell me he moves. (Or I guess he can. I am not sure how well he is orally communicating now with the trach...I have not seen him all weekend).

    Thanks for your support........and suggestions........

    Oh, I almost forgot. An application has been sent to St Johns Mercy in St Louis for his Rehab. We feel good about this decision.


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    I would strongly encourage you to download and take to the hospital the clinical practice guideline on respiratory management and SCI, and insist that his current team read the section on vent weaning. Many acute care ICU staff are unfamiliar with the special procedures needed for this in SCI. You can find this listed in the "sticky" topics at the top of this forum.

    Some of his attitude may be from the fact that he can NO LONGER EVER chew his beloved tobacco or have the amount of beer he was used to consuming.
    Well of course drinking to excess and the use of tobacco products is bad for everyone, but especially bad for those with SCI. But there is no reason that he cannot drink in moderation again unless he is actually an alcoholic. If he is an alcoholic, then he needs to get treatment, and this should also be addressed with counseling during his rehab. Was he intoxicated at the time of his accident?

    Unfortunately many people with SCI continue to use tobacco products as well...he will have to make the choice to take care of his health instead, not because he cannot use them (which he can) but because he chooses not to.

    He also has to choose how he deals with this. If his prior pattern of dealing with adversity in his life was to be positive, then that is how he will deal with it. If not, he will use his prior patterns. You cannot make him be positive. He should have access to and take advantage of psychological counseling as part of his rehabilitation program. A good psychologist can help him learn more adaptive ways to deal, but it takes some time and also effort on his part. Right now, being angry, withdrawn, etc. is actually pretty normal.

    Is that St. John's in Chesterfield? While it is not CARF accredited as a Spinal Cord System of Care (which would be ideal) nor is it a model System Center, it is at least CARF accredited as a general rehabilitation program. You will have to push to get him spinal cord specialty services he needs there. Did you ask how many new injury SCI patients they see a year? It should be at least 30.

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    It is St Johns Mercy in Chesterfield and I see they only have the one accreditation. I will do some checking. Thanks, you are a Godsend.

    I believe he has an alcohol addiction as do some other family members. I hesitate to say alcoholic, not because I am in denial but because the label has never been applied as of yet. He was not under the influence when the accident happened, he was at work, on the job so it is a job related accident. The doctor told both he and his wife that if he wants to walk again, ever, he has to have a healthy body that is not full of substances that can have adverse reactions to his healing.
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    Okay, the people from St Johns Mercy got back to me quickly, which I was grateful for.

    Their SCI Rehab has been open for 2 years. They have a 10 bed SCI Unit with Therapists, Nurses, Support Staff, etc. that specialize in SCI. In 2008 they treated 105 cases of SCI and from Jan thru July of this year they have treated 65 cases.

    They were very friendly and invited me in for a tour of the facility.

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    I would encourage the tour. Take this checklist from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center with you, use it, and ask to speak to some of their current patients as well:


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    St Johns is a new facility. I went to St John's for in patient rehab 2003 at the 270 location. The new facility looks good the PT staff was excellent. I was not thrilled with the rehab doc or nurses.
    I found Rehab institute of st louis better with the Washington University re hab docs. and Barnes Jewish Hospital support.
    Good luck.
    Semper fi

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    Yes, I had heard from a friend that her son was at the St Johns facility and she had him moved to Chicago. As she looks back now, she believes it was just the Doctore they had that she detested.....not the facility itself.

    His placement is still very much up in the air. He was moved yesterday from Carle Clinic ICU in Champaign to Duboius Long Term Care Hospital in Chesterfield MO. They are still concerned with his breathing and they want to get that straightened out before he gets moved to a Rehab Center.

    Its been since July 20th.....he is getting frustrated because he still cant talk, or walk, or sing, or move himself, etc. You get the picture!!!!

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    The St. John's facility is right next to where I work in Chesterfield and I have heard really great things about it. My wife is employed at this Hospital as well and said that she has heard great reviews from patients at work.


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