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Thread: My brother Bud........

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    Yes, I had heard from a friend that her son was at the St Johns facility and she had him moved to Chicago. As she looks back now, she believes it was just the Doctore they had that she detested.....not the facility itself.

    His placement is still very much up in the air. He was moved yesterday from Carle Clinic ICU in Champaign to Duboius Long Term Care Hospital in Chesterfield MO. They are still concerned with his breathing and they want to get that straightened out before he gets moved to a Rehab Center.

    Its been since July 20th.....he is getting frustrated because he still cant talk, or walk, or sing, or move himself, etc. You get the picture!!!!
    Who made this decision? His worker's comp case manager? His breathing problems can be managed at a specialty SCI Center, and a LTAC will NOT have the SCI specific services he needs. He is very likely to run into problems that could be very serious and have long term consequences there. Push to get him moved NOW to a specialty SCI Center (RIC would be best)!!


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    I believe it was the workers comp case manager.
    They did change his trach last evening and he was able to talk for the 1st time which greatly increased his mood. My sis in law also said he lifted a leg off the bed while she was there so hopefully things are on the move now.

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    Watch his skin like a hawk. An LTAC is the perfect place for him to develop a serious pressure ulcer that could prevent him from going to rehab. He needs to be in rehab NOW. Push the case manager to either move him, or ask for a different case manager who knows what they are doing with someone with a serious SCI.


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    I read in this forum where skin breakdowns are a MAJOR problem, so we have been (pardon the pun) real pain in the butts to the hospital staff about keeping him turned, etc. If Julie notices a red spot as small as a pins head, she alerts the staff and they pay special attention to the problem area. SO far he has had only one area that they have been watching closely. Thanks for the heads up!

    The case manager from the hospital called Julie this morning and they are just super pleased with his progress thus far. They have set her up for a tour of the ST Johns Mercy Rehab Saturday morning. If all goes well, as it has been, he will be moved to an Actual Rehab Center as early as the middle of next week. It will be one of 2, The st Louis facility or Chicago.

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