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Thread: My brother Bud........

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    Sorry to hear about your brother Bud and I am glad you find this site.
    Please listen to KLD about turning him every 2 hours. My son was in the SICU for 2 weeks and he had a pressure sore prior to go to the rehab center. It took almost 8 weeks to heal.

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    Its probably not a good time for me to post. I did not sleep and I am just a little weepy. Seeing him for myself felt good but I could also sense his discomfort and despair. They have removed the vent and he was trying to cough but looking at his face as he tried, I could see the pain he was in. He was really quiet and seems to be very tired and resigned to the fact that he may not walk again. The one thing we don't need is depression but I also understand how he must feel lying there in the bed unable to move. The have him at about a 45 degree angle. His head wound is a huge avulsion on the right side of his head. It took them over 2 hours to stitch and staple it. There are 2 layers of inside stitches and then staples on the outside. I know that it hurts him to lay on his head there.
    I will know more after we go up again later today. Thanks to EVERYONE for the great advice and suggestions. His wife is a little (more like a lot) overwhelmed and I am showing her the info on here when I visit. Hopefully things will work out.


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    Pick the center you want, call them yourself this morning early. They will want to talk to your sister in law but get transfer info & contact person's # for her. Proceed today. When the others are overwhelmed they need a cool head to start the journey....good luck.

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    The doctors met with Bud again today and totally changed their diagnosis again. He had moved his two middle toes on his left foot so they did another assessment. They hid their movements from him and did a touch test to several different areas of his lefs, thighs, torso, arms and hands. He responded to all the touches. So they told my sis in law to disregard everything they had previously told her. They now say its and incomplete spinal cord injury and its not a matter of if he walks, it is when he walks. Could be a year, maybe two. I am not a very good pessimist but I cant understand how things can change so drastically, unless of course they were being overly cautious to begin with. They still feel he will have difficulties with his hands.

    He is not a veteran.

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    Best of luck to your brother,you & family.His dx changed when the swelling went down in his spine.This is a great sign,but it'll take time to really know.KLD can better explain return.Again,best wishes to his recovery whatever it may be.

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    Ah..that makes sense. Did not think about the swelling. Guess I am just really tired. Hopefully I will sleep well tonight. I get to stay with him Friday nite to help sis in law out. I am excited to do so. I want to read to him...weird I know, but I feel like I am at least contributing to making him feel better.

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    your brother im sure has many prayers. great that his injury is incomplete. please tell him about carecure. sorry for your troubles.

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    Sounds very promising with the feeling and movement. Wish you all luck. It has been around 8 months since my daughter was injuried. The first couple of months was the worst. It is still hard for us, but keeps getting better.

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    They have put Bud on a vent because his breathing was not effective enough to make sure the lungs remain clear. Friday of next week they will insert a trach, but the wound where they went in to repair the broken c6 has not healed enough there to place the trach yet.
    He has been running a temp since the surgery and they are doing blood cultures to track down the reason for the temp. His blood pressure has finally went up to over 100 (top number) and that is pleasing them.
    The next step after getting the trach in is to choose a rehab center. His wife, Julie, has a hard decision to make now. The hospital is saying Chicago or St Louis. I had told her what your opinions were and she is really leaning towards the Chicago facility...yeah......It is now my job to explain to my parents that it may be inconvenient for them, but the convenience of the family is not the goal. The best Rehab for Bud is the goal.
    Thanks for all your support and suggestions.
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    Sorry to hear about your brother. Just get him to a SCI rehab center fast. I am a T4 complete. If you go to St. Louis go to the St. Louis Rehabilitation Center. They are connected with Washington University Medical School. They are the best in the area.

    If he is a veteran the SCI unit at Jefferson Barracks is very good, but not up to Wash U standards.
    Hang in there.

    The best thing to do is copy the answers you are getting here from people who are there living it every day and show it to your parents and sister in law.

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