I am fairly newly injured, 7 months out, but I have been out of the hospital since March 5th. I had an almost fatal automobile accident that punctured a lung, broke about 5 ribs, broke an ankle and left me paralyzed. I am a T-11 and in the hospital I remember not being able to feel from the belly button down. I can now feel from the middle of my hips and up. I was told I was complete and I really do not feel anything in my legs other than what I guess is nerve pain that I really feel after riding a nubike or standing. I stand for about 2 hours a day. Often I think why did I survive this accident to live paralyzed. I am 29 and a formal college athlete so not being able to be active is torture, I feel like half a man.

Anyways I guess what I am looking for is any expectations people can give me? I am so tired of hearing we will wait and see from Doctors. Any thoughts on what leverl people tend to gain back? I never thought I would have something where walking would be low on my list for things I want back. I would take bowel, bladder and sexual function first. Any thoughts would be appreciated.