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    My left leg for the past 6 mths will not lay flat on the ground while I'm stretching. My right doesnt either until I stretch it out. Am I spending too musch time in the chair and is my muscles and tendins getting out stretche dthe other way or something like that. My wife wants me to go to the doctor but I keep putting it off. To much overtime at work. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated
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    Proning (laying on your stomach) is a great way to stretch out your hips and knees. You can even put weights (3-5 lb.) on your ankles with your feet hanging off the end of the bed or mat while prone to give your knees a better stretch into neutral position. Standing will help too if you are properly positioned, but it only takes about a 10 degree hip flexion contracture to keep you from standing. Get on your stomach, with proper bridging for genitals, catheter, knees and feet for at least an hour daily. If you can sleep in that position, so much the better.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    [...] with proper bridging for genitals, catheter, knees and feet for at least an hour daily.[...]

    Would you mind describing what you mean by 'bridging'? I rest and sleep in this position often, but do nothing special (e.g. "bridging"?) when doing so. I'm wondering what risk I'm not addressing!

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    Bridging can be done with pillows or custom cut blocks of foam (cover with a pillow case to prevent having skin to foam contact). The purpose of bridging is to prevent pressure on the bony areas on the front: knees, hip bones, genitals for men, and tops of the feet. I have seen some pretty bad pressure ulcers in those areas when people prone without sufficient bridging for long periods of time.


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    My right leg stays bent when I am in bed. This is due to my right hip being dislocated so you might want to check on that.

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    i guess i'm not stretching enough, actually, not much at all. when i lay on my back, neither one of my legs will lay flat. i guess i didn't think it was a big deal. i was told it was b/c i'm always in the chair in the sitting position. is it that big of a deal? now i'm worried.
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    It can be a big deal. It only takes a 10 degree contracture at the hip to prevent functional walking. If you are hoping for return, or a cure, or walking with braces, try to prone an hour daily. Maintaining your flexibility and ROM is just one way to keep yourself healthy so that you can be at the head of the line for future clinical trials, and it will help maintain your function now.

    Learning to prone can also give you 4 sleeping or bed surfaces instead of only 3. This is esp. important if you need to stay off an area due to any skin problems.


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    This is a really big deal. My son is just 8 months post. We were not told by acute rehab that he should lay on his stomach to stretch. We started intense therapy the first of June and he we were amazed at how bent he is. So, he was unable to stand up straight and if you can't stand up straight that makes it really difficult to walk. We've been working to reverse it for some time now and it's a real challenge. Stand and lay on your stomach at least an hour a day. Our therapist even puts weights on his butt while he's laying on his stomach. Left alone, this can be an irreversible problem.
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