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Thread: been to the Bahamas?

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    been to the Bahamas?

    Anybody been to the Bahamas? Looking at cruises and it seems all of the "disabled/handicapped" rooms/cabins are INSIDE! What's up with that? Never been on a cruise but think I'd want to be able to see out! Also read here somewhere that transportation is a prob. there. Any info. about any of this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Which cruise line? Some of those that use older ships or don't have very many American ports are like this, but certainly not Princess, RCCL, HAL, Celebrity, or other similar cruise lines. Oceania and Regent, for example, use older ships that have been refitted, and have a poor selection of accessible cabins (and they are all inside). My mother is in a chair due to MS, and has been on over 35 cruises (I have been on 16, mostly with her).

    Frankly, we don't mind inside cabins. We try to get the cheapest accessible cabin we can. This way we can cruise more often. We rarely are in the cabin except to sleep, dress and bathe anyway. Love to sit out on deck or in the observation areas to both people watch and see the scenery, and don't miss paying megabucks for a picture window or a balcony or suite.

    I have heard that the Bahamas are not very accessible. Have not cruised there myself, but you may want to look at a different cruise line and itinerary, such as the Caribbean or a fall color cruise through the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway and New England.

    Generally, to get an accessible cabin we find we need to book a minimum of 6 month out, and generally closer to a year. These cabins go quickly, are limited in number, and some cruise lines will allow people without disabilities to book them. They are popular with these folks because they are larger for the same price.

    You may want to check out this discussion forum for PWD who cruise. Lots of good information and tips there:


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    Yep, been there, broke my neck there, and also went undiagnosed for three days there.

    Be very careful of out country hospitals.

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    As far as the cruise goes. I just sailed from Tampa to Cozumel. The inside room was VERY accessible and the whole ship was a lot of fun.

    Good Luck and Enjoy!!!

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    Thanks, KLD, for that wealth of information! I've gone to that site and there's lots of good advice. That will keep me busy for awhile! We aren't locked into the Bahamas. Several friends, all who graduated together yrs ago, thought we'd celebrate a "significant" birthday next year by going on a cruise. I'm the only one with a disability, however, and although I haven't been asked to, thought I'd try to learn something about the options and maybe "influence" things.

    Sorry, steveinflorida about your accident! Thanks, also, for responding! Which cruise line/ship did you use out of Tampa to Cozumel?

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    Normal stop is Nassau in the Bahamas and there's a great Margaritaville across from the port. ABs like the Atlantis Resort for day trips. Celebrity M-class and above have HP balconies but the Mercury is inside or window. The window is above the bed if you keep it as a queen size so go for the one inside. The Century is the same except it has 1 or 2 accessible Sky Suites cabins 1200 and 1202 I think. I think they switch hit with these as lately they aren't shown as HP. Norwegian has a few BA category on their ships that are flippable if they don't get booked by a disabled traveler soon enough--for them.
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    Thanks, Sue, for the response. I'm new to cruising so am not familiar with the terminology "M-class", or "BA category". Could you elaborate? Thanks again!

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    We go on Carnival a lot and the balcony rooms are amazing. roll in shower, which makes the bathroom twice the normal size and the balcony is twice as big. The doorways are wider and we go to the Bahamas. Getting a ride to the beaches is the only hard part, so we just stay around the port.

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    Each cruise line has their own classification of types/sizes of ships. Most in the same category have the same or nearly the same design. If you stick to the major cruise lines that cruise out of the USA, and pick ships that have been built in the last 10 years, and make sure to book a fully wheelchair accessible cabin, you should be fine.

    Keep in mind that many ports have no wheelchair accessible transportation, and it is very rare that cruise lines will offer any excursions that are accessible unless you can stand and walk or climb a few stairs. If transferring to a cab is an option, that may work best for ports where you cannot just see things within walking distance of the ship. Always take a manual chair for shore....curb cuts and ramps to shops or restaurants are rare in most of the third world. A power chair or scooter is OK on board the ship, but not very practical for shoreside in most ports.

    Cabins on Carnival are cheaper but also smaller than the accessible cabins on either Princess, RCCL or Celebrity. Norwegian is similar to Carnival. Some of the high end cruise lines like Crystal have very limited choices. Accessible cabins for more than 2 people are also difficult to find on many cruise lines.

    I also recommend working with a travel agent, even if only on-line, rather than directly with the cruise line, either through their website or via phone. The agent can do the scut work for you if you will be very clear what your needs are. I have done well using this website for getting good prices:


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    Thanks for sharing your experience, CiscoNJenn. It helps a lot! KLD, I really appreciate this additional info! I've been running "rabbit trails" everywhere looking at options. It's really nice to have someone with so much experience guide me Just hope when I get some helpful knowledge I can pass it on to the person "heading up" this event. He's never done this either, I don't think! I usually don't input my disability into stuff. Just go if we can or stay home with some excuse, but this would be fun to do, so I might be more "bold".

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