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    I just wanted to say hi to everyone here. I am new to this forum. I searched around on the net to find a decent forum that was relativly active and this one is more than that.

    I'm a c4-c5 incomplete quad. I am 10yrs post injury. I came here to find out new things and read up on old things to. This forum looks like a very good resource and I am glad its active unlike others I have visited.

    Lookimg forward to contributing my 2 cents

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    Welcome to CC.Sorry you didn't find it sooner.

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    ah well what can you do right Ast least now i'm here

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    Moved to the Life forum. The New SCI forum is not for new members, but for those with new injuries (usually less than a year).

    Welcome to CareCure regardless!


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    Welcome to the show.
    coolbreeze c6/7

    Keep on moving don't stop!

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    hi ,

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    I wasn't sure where to put this message but glad its in the right spot now.

    Hey to everyone

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    Welcome bauger. Lots of good forums here, check 'em all out, good info and good debates. The Care forum is especially valuable thanks to the SCINurses who give freely of their knowledge, and of their time. If you wander into Politics forum, beware, for the battle rages daily between left, middle and right - with nobody ever winning or changing any minds
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    Welcome, and start putting in your 2ยข wherever you feel it's worth the price.

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    Welcome, bauger. Glad you found this place.

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