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Thread: My supra public catheter: I think I've been doing it all wrong

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    My supra public catheter: I think I've been doing it all wrong

    I just read an article in new mobility about bladder cancer and I just got super freaked out. Apparently you are supposed to wash them everyday? Exactly how do you do this? Clorox? How much? Or vinegar? Also, should I be irrigating it regularly or is that just to help unclog sediment? I've been so lax. And does ditropan or vesicare lower the risk of cancer?

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    I think by "washing them every day" it means you should clean the outside of the catheter. Twice a day, I use a disposable cotton makeup sponge soaked with alcohol and wipe the catheter from the stoma to the funnel end. If you use alcohol or peroxide to wipe down the catheter, be careful and don't wipe the skin. You could also use simple soap and water.

    The risk of bladder cancer is there, but it is relatively low. Irritation and inflammation are said to be contributors to cancer. The Duette catheter by Poiesis is supposed to cause less irritation.

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