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    two questions

    What are the repercussions of a chronically low albumin (could it explain my thyroid and iron defiencies)

    How is the spinal cord after 24yrs of sitting with with Tranverse Myelitis @ T11 (I always assumed I was T12, wrongly as it is). Not that it matters much..

    Decompression is solely for the spinal cord's benefit, not the spine or vertabrae?

    Sorry I guess that's three questions, My bad.
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    Low serum albumin is primarily of concern for wound healing, but it is a good general marker of nutrition. If it is low, it is usually because you have a draining wound (you loose tons of serum proteins out of a draining wound) or you are not eating enough protein, or both. The problems with wound healing including both the healing of pressure ulcers as well as healing of surgical incisions. Our plastic surgeons will not even attempt a flap unless your serum albumin and pre-albumin are within the normal range.

    I am a little confused. Why would you need a spinal decompression surgery if you have your SCI from TM? Did you sustain some additional spinal trauma and fractures at some time? Have you had an MRI that shows cord or root impingement by bone or disk?

    Spinal surgery for scoliosis is different from decompression surgery. Have you been diagnosed with severe scoliosis, kyphosis or other spinal deformity?


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    Yes, lynnifer, decompression surgery (laminectomy) is, as the name suggests, performed to relieve compression of the thecal sac/spinal cord/brain stem (in the case of Chiari Malformation) by removing part of the vertebrae called the lamina.

    Laminectomies are done for reasons other than creating more space for the spinal cord -- to give the surgeon access to work on the spinal cord itself, or as one part of surgery to change the alignment of the spinal column. But if the surgeon is referring to the process specifically as 'decompression' it's a pretty safe bet that the reason for the laminectomy is to give the cord more room.

    How is the spinal cord after 24yrs of sitting with with Tranverse Myelitis @ T11 (I always assumed I was T12, wrongly as it is).
    Not really sure what kind of info you're looking for. Is there another way you could ask the question?
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