A freak accident brings together 42 great cooks to create a unique book of family recipes in aid of a spinal injuries charity, writes Charlotte Edwardes

Forty-two of the world's leading chefs are to reveal some of their most closely guarded culinary secrets to help a fellow chef whose teenage son was paralysed in a swimming accident.

Daniel Nicholls, who was paralysed while swimming
The chefs - with 30 Michelin stars and countless television shows between them - include Gordon Ramsay, the Roux brothers, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith.

They are collaborating to produce the ultimate cook book and raise £2 million for the spinal charity set up by their friend David Nicholls, the Michelin-starred executive chef at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park.

Each will contribute recipes that they would use to cook a three-course meal at home. None will charge for his or her contribution. The idea is not to showcase professional skills but to appeal to a wide audience by demonstrating the meals that the chefs would make for their families. Many have agreed to be photographed at home in their own kitchens.