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Thread: Front angle question

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    Front angle question

    Is there a calculation, or set number, to know the difference between the different degree choices? EX: Say 1" difference for every 10 degrees, where 90 degrees would be tucked in 1", or whatever, more than 80 degrees.

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    I just used a protractor and drew them on a big piece of paper to hold up against my chair.

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    Great idea, if you have the chair in possession.

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    I held them up against my old chair so that I could visualize how they would differ on a new chair before I ordered it.

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    Seems like the question is about how much wheelbase will be lost as the front angle becomes steeper, correct? There's math to answer your question, but there are 2 variables I to be accounted for, first, IMO.

    1) The bend will be longer the larger the tubing. e.g the Quickie Ti with 1" tubing has a much shorter bend (meaning the wheelbase ends up much shorter) than the Lasher BT with 1.5" tubing with the same front end angle.

    2) The differences in where each manufacturer engineers the beginning of the bend will make this difficult to approximate ahead of time!

    Demo's are the only way to be sure, unless you're a math geek. If you are a math geek, here you go.

    He who hears not me but the Logos will say: All is one.

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    Actually I hadn't even thought of wheelbase Dale, good point. My questioning was based on placement of the footplate due to the following; I have planned on a 85 degree front and now I know TiLite will add an inch to my chair because I plan to order Frog Legs, so I started wondering if I would like 90 degrees instead. (TiLite adds and inch and I take some back, foot wise, via 90 degrees.

    All that said, I believe I will stay with 85 degress as I plan on 5" casters, and I later recalled they are not an option with 90 degrees.

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    I have one of these...

    you can get at home depot and lowes too for about 10 bucks.
    Ive used it to check the angle when changing backrests

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    I just purchased one of those a few weeks ago for my Dad, with me in mind too. I haven't had a chance to get it from him yet.

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