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Thread: I'm an Aunt!!

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    I'm an Aunt!! a beautiful baby girl, about seven pounds, born today at approximately 7:30 pm!!! I don't know all the details because my sister lives out of province, but I thought I would share the good news!!!

    In Punjabi, we call a maternal aunt a Masi ji, so I am now officially a first time Masi ji!!!

    I'd be jumping right now if I could!!! So instead, I'll use copious amounts of exclamation marks to show my excitement!!!!!


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    (I can't jump either - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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    Enjoy it. You get to spoil them ... be the advice giver ... they apparently trust your advice over their own mother. And you're always cool.

    My only regret is that I missed so much time when the kids were young ... I was more involved when they were teenagers. I was so busy sorting my own life I missed out. Don't miss out!

    It was/is the next best thing to having kids of your own! I have fond memories of having the kids for a week or two during the summers with sleeping bags on the floor. Go-kart races, buying their favourite cereals, taking them to amusement parks, etc. I have pictures from the kids every year from school ... I keep saying one day I'm going to make some fabulous picture frames of them growing up!

    It amazes me that the boy wonder nephew can now haul Aunt Jenny up a flight of stairs when she wants to visit. And my niece, while having experienced some difficult times with mental issues, has grown into a great young lady! And okay, okay ... she helps Aunt Jenny paint her condo ... she's due back in August. LOL
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    became an uncle last month, same pounds.


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    congrats! I also became a first time Aunt to my nephew Parker this year...he is now 2 months old! I know that proud feeling you must have!
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    Congratulations Globe!

    I'm sure you will be the best Masi ji ever.

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    Congratulations Kiran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yep, that's me jumping with you)

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    Congratulations, Kiran!

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    Congratulations - it just gets better and better - you and the little girl are in for one glorious lifelong treat!

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