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Thread: Any tour de france fans/junkies like me?

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    Any tour de france fans/junkies like me?

    July is a good TV month for me with the Tour de France on Versus channel. Started watching avidly in 1997, 12 years, my how time goes by. Still enjoyable even though I don't see any handcyclists.
    Anyone else out there?

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    Sure, but no hand cycle for 200 km a day.

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    leif - i am glad we found some comon grond.

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    I used to hang out at a bike shop near where I lived that had a big screen TV just to watch the stages. I had the convenience of watching at home on satellite for awhile, but this year I had to slash my budget and had to give up the package that had Versus channel.

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    Tour de France

    Yes, July is very special because of the tour. It's especially interesting with Lance Armstrong back in the saddle. It appears that youth will prevail over experience. Alberto is amazing as a climber.
    The images in HD are really beautiful. Next week in Paris its all over for another year. Also, this year so far there are no doping scandals. Have they cleaned up the sport? I could go on.......
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    I was following it closely mostly because a friend of mine was one of the leaders. He had a crash and broke his wrist, tho, so he is out. He grew up in my hometown, and his folks run a sporting good store. (mostly skis and bikes). We used to ski a lot together. I feel very bad that he is out. It made it fun watching.
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    I use to follow but this year I have seen only a few rounds
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