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Thread: colostomy

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    Hi everyone I am new here I was wondering if anyone has or knows anyone with a colostomy I will be having this surgery done soon.I have trouble with my bowels slow emptying painfull bowel movements plus both parents died of colon canser I am 56 years old been c6 quad for 17 years.

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    jandrain, I did a search (menu near top of page) and came up with these threads. Colostomies have been discussed many times here. Check out these threads for some answers. Best of luck.

    Colostomy threads

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    Jandrain, I had a colostomy done a year ago and it is one of the best things I have ever done. I dont have a sci (I have ALS...Lou Gehrigs Disease). One of the big lies about ALS is that is does not affect your bowel or bladder function, but you lose all ability to "push" and it caused me lots of trouble and discomfort. My main caregiver is my younger sister, and it has made things so much easier for both of us. I am so glad I got it done. If you have any specific questions you can PM me if you want. Good luck, and I know you will do just fine with it.

    All the best,

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    Jandrain, had one done, Sigmoid Loop, done in March. Had the same prob. you have. Finally had to have one done. I didn't like the idea of having one but after three months it has really helped. Took my bowel program down from 2 to 4 hours on the pot to minutes changing the bag. I have so much free time now I had to get a hobby lol. It will help immensley. Good luck. Its not much work taking care of it. I change the wafer every other day. No leaks, smells or anything. Good Luck. You're smart doing it now before the rectum quits altogether.

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    After 14 years of a M-W-F a.m. bowel care routine, I got one. My main regret was not getting it sooner. I think you'll find it will make your life a lot easier and a little more stress-free. If you have any specific questions ask away. There are many many helpful people on this forum.

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    I too am going to have a colostomy done. I am 51 yrs old and 5+ years post injury and my bowel program is every day 3 hours a day. I have tried everything available to shorten this with no luck. I still have accidents even with a routine every day. I have done a lot of research on colostomy s, on this site and many others out there. I also live close to a Veterans Administration SCI Hospital and have talked to many SCI folks who have a colostomy. The general consensus is the same... the only regret is they waited so long to get one.

    The only ones who do not like them that I have heard from is those who have a ileostomy which is higher up. With this there is no formed stool so it is a bit more trouble. The only other ones who discourage a colostomy are those who do not have one and do not spend 3 hours or more everyday doing bowel care nor do they have problems with accidents.

    I made my mind up that I am not going to live my life scheduled around bowel care any longer...
    lets see... 5 years x avg 3 hours a day (not counting the accidents and longer days) = 228 days or every 8 days 1 day is bowel care... That's not good.

    I do not have a scheduled appointment to get one yet but I do have a consult appointment next week for the initial interview or whatever it's called with the doctor.

    Keep us posted how you do and I'll do the same.

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    I wish you both luck in getting a colostomy. Make sure you understand all the different options. I think there are different areas of the colon they can use, ascending, descending, sigmoid, transverse...I don't know for sure, but some might not be conducive to irrigation, if that's the method you'd like to use for your program instead of using a bag. I don't have a colostomy, but have been pondering the idea for a while now, after reading all the posts by friends who're very pleased with having more time and less stress after their surgery. I'm also not getting any younger. Good luck guys, let us know how it all works out for you.
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    I recently had one done and I feel the same way, it has made life easier. Here is a link to my recent experience. Good Luck.

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    I am both colostomate and paraplegic. Quite adjusted already. It makes toilet life much easier. The only problem are leaks when I do rehab exercises but not that often.
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    I heart (love) my colostomy. I am a L1 incomplete para. Got it at the initial injury when I broke my back and tore my rectum off my colon. I didn't have a choice. Use irrigation (enema) every other day. Doesn't register as one of my problems, except for bowel obstructions - 7 in 7 years.....

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