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Thread: Little things Mean Alot / Today's news .

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    Little things Mean Alot / Today's news .

    Lately i've had lots of medical bladder issues driving me nuts from A to Z literally

    I finally took some well needed Quality time for myself Today

    On my Desk here in front of me was my Salon hairstylists Number So I called her up ....

    Been wearing my hair up in long long ponytail for years she straightened out my curly long hair and I feel alot better like a horsses tail straight . Now I got to get used to using hair piks daily lol ....
    So after it was all done I told her I'll ome in weekly and relax while you do your magic .

    Now it's straighter and My Boyfriend likes it he made me feel good when he came in the front door of the salon and said you look fabulous I was so happy .
    He said dont change anything youre perfect ... I was lost for words he really was a gentleman .

    My point is .......
    Small things sometimes make the Biggest Differences in How We feel

    I just hope my hands can handle them picks on my own I get hand spasms alot.
    Just sayin hi to everyone
    Gypsylady Thx for listenin

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    Today afternoon Finally my Driving controls arrived and Maybe tomorrow I'll attempt to add them to my old 77 Chevy van it'll be fun .
    Hugs yall

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    Sounds great!

    Lovely about the hair ... I've had long hair since I was 15 and I'm 36 now. Considering bringing back the Jennifer Aniston from Friends look ... lol.

    A '77 Chevy? Wow!
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

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    Hi Lynnifer Yeppers I love old vehicles I own a huge hippie 1977 chevy Goodtimes Van It's a collectibale Rare model pretty kool old custom Van I removed the passenger Front seat so I could throw my wheelchair or walker in it to the back or middle of van
    Sometimes I drive it around the acreage here its country and my doggy a 100 lb Red Doberman sits next to me on the floor in the passenger side it's his side of the van
    He's my baby what a beautiful Dog

    This is something I dont like to admit but I am 6 ft tall or taller
    depending on my heels lol Factually at least 6 ft + on my bare feet Me and my friend brenda are gentle Giants lol sisters almost .

    So you can see I need lots of comfy leg room because I got long legs and small cars / Trucks like the little Ford ranger Crew cab my B/F has are too small for me personally and when I enter his truck ... It's small IMOP

    Here I am I have the passenger seat all the way back and still I feel like a giant stuffed into a midget car Rofl No such thing as Good leg room in a late model Crew Cab Ford Ranger

    Speaking about hair
    As For the hair it makes me feel good going to the salon and relaxing some
    Today He liked the way I had my hair long and hanging down over my shoulders

    The heat is mercyless and I feel sometimes I like to put it in long ponytails or one long ponytail if I can without my hand spasming on me .
    Who knows
    I know I dont know but I am in a good mood

    Heres Some New News !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippie Not lol

    Tomorrow I start Home Health Medical IV for my UTI this garbage will last 10 days OMG lmao
    A hour or so every Day of IV Stuff and some medical IV Antibiotic Gantanmicin 320 Ml
    Lucky me and I hate Needles ....
    Call me a sissy I am one lmao

    But it's better here than at the hospital ..

    Hey I got a Question
    Why is Dr Handwritting on Medical Scripts / Notes so Darn Sloppy ???

    He wrote the Script like a first year old ... He could use caligraphy lessons Rofl

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