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Thread: musculocutaneous nerve irritation

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    musculocutaneous nerve irritation

    About 7 months ago I started having pain mainly in the inside of my elbow and in the bicep (right arm). The bicep knotted up and really hurt and ached at night. Also there was numbness down the inside of my forearm. The doctor prescribed it as a musculocutaneous nerve injury/irritation. Gradually after a few months it started to improve but in the last 3 weeks it is getting worse again – aching in the inner elbow and bicep pain and numbness and kind of electric shocks down the inner forearm again.

    Has anyone had experience with this injury and been able to determine what caused it? I’m at a loss as to what I’ve done to cause it. The doctor says the cause is often a sharp backwards pull or jar on the shoulder or arm. But I have no such recollection of anything like this.

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    You got a diagnosis from the physician but no prescription of medications or therapy? Was this a physiatrist or what specialty? Have you seen a therapist or physician who specializes in musculoskeletal disorders?


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    the diagnosis was from a physiatrist and no he didn't prescribe any medications or therapy. By the time I got in to see him the pain and numbness was starting to moderate which the doctor felt was consistent with the diagnosis. He said it should continue to get better. Now 3 or 4 months later it is coming back. He did say if it doesn't get better to come back to see him. I'm going to get another appointment to see him.

    In the meantime I'm wondering what I might be doing to irritate it.

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