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Thread: Bladder decisions HELP!

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    Bladder decisions HELP!

    I am a 43yr. old single female c/6-7 1999 car accident, limited hand function, very independent! 24/7 nursing for IC. Recent eurodynamic? study shows spastic bladder causing alot of AD. They gave me several surgery choices. I don't want a bag, the ins. co. will take nurses away that have been w/me for 9+ yrs. Please tell me the best type of surgury or what to do?

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    search "mitrofanoff" there's lots of info here. Its been miraculous for me since '95 (i'm c6)
    You wouldn't need those nurses anymore.
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    I would also suggest you consider an augmentation with the Mitrofanoff. The Mitrofanoff would make it so you can cath yourself, and the augmentation would increase the capacity and reduce your spasms. You should ask if you are a candidate for Botox for your bladder spasms as well.

    Frankly, not sure why anyone with a C6/7 injury should need 24/7 skilled nursing care, even if you do intermittent cath. Do you have other injuries such as a brain injury or contractures, etc. that prevent you from using your tenodesis or other UE function?

    Your insurance should still consider your bowel care as skilled care, so you should not loose all care, but 24/7 is a bit much. Even our vent dependent patients don't get that.


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    i get botox injections in my bladder and i'm very happy with it. with botox, i stopped leaking, increased my volume from 200ml to 300ml and take less medication.
    you can read about someone's experience with bladder augmentation here:
    good luck!

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