Hi all,
Just a quick post with some info on an item some on the list may find handy, especially those with limited dexterity. It's the WrapMaster aluminum foil dispenser that's sold at QVC.com. It's fairly easy to load the foil into the dispenser and very easy to use the dispenser once it's loaded. You only need a small amount of pinch strength in order to grab the end of the foil and pull it out of the dispenser. You then push down on the cover and a retractable blade provides a clean, straight cut with minimal pressure, probably a little over 2 pounds. There's also a WrapMaster for plastic wrap. They're $19.95 each or $29 for the pair. I have both but haven't had a chance to try out the plastic wrap dispenser. For more information check out http://www.wrapmasterusa.com/?gclid=...FcZM5Qod-3hR_w. Hope this helps!