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Thread: am i expecting to much

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    Of the dozens of attendants that I have had work for me over the years only a very few have done a decent job with the light housework and cleaning part of the job and only a few of them have actually done a good job of it. I think from some of their comments that many of them just don’t realize what a bad job they are doing because my house is cleaner than their own. When they are cleaning something here they are probably thinking that it is already clean and I am just having them do it as a make work project. Some are also just lazy though; clothes folded badly and still damp, bathrooms cleaned in 5 minutes and some are just filthy and leave behind a bigger mess than there was before their shift. Some also resent cleaning because they probably think that if they wanted to clean houses then they would have applied at Molly Maid. Then when a good person has a shift they ask me what the heck the other workers were even doing. I have to explain that I make them clean too, they are just terrible at it.

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    yeah, get a lady with bills to pay. when I did cleaning, I worked my tail off. I was pretty glad to have a 10.00 and hour job Ill tell ya,

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    IMO it is hard to find someone to do these things in your own home. Most look at it as just being a house like their own (if they have one) and would only keep it the way they keep their own. They feel as if they aren't working for a company (nursing home, hospital, etc.) and don't have strict guidelines to follow before being fired. Some are very good and $10. an hr. is some great extra cash.

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    Be firm. Be fair. You are not expecting any more than what is asked. The check list works well. Update it from time to time so that you are reminding them of what needs to be done on a regular basis. If these things don't get to the point, then a replacement should be considered. If you remind them of their short comings, you will be in a position to dismiss them without having hard feelings or, surprising them (if that should happen).
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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    yeah, get a lady with bills to pay. when I did cleaning, I worked my tail off. I was pretty glad to have a 10.00 and hour job Ill tell ya,
    you know any ladies with bills to pay?
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    I definately say talk to them and if that doesn't work look for a replacement. I work at the local Independent Living Center and we constantly have people coming in to put their application in for PA work. So there are options out there. Just might take a bit to find a good one.

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