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Thread: Bowel Accidents - Newly Injured

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    Bowel Accidents - Newly Injured

    My brother (who I've already posted a little bit about) is about 25 days post-injury. The last 4 days he has had bowel accidents - 3 of the butt snot variety, one regular. They usually occur when he's sitting up in his wheelchair around midday. They've been trying to do his bowel program every afternoon/night (ranging from 4-9pm). Usually they're pretty small bowel movements (but he also usually ends up going on the way to the bathroom in the hoyer lift and shortly after returning to bed.) He hasn't been eating too much because he's trying to lose weight (pre-injury he was at about 250, now he's down to 230), but they do have him on a "double protein" diet. And they've been feeding him these nasty egg beaters that he is convinced are the culprit of his "snot" accidents (but I've read on here it's probably from the suppositories).

    Anything we should try to change to keep the accidents from happening? Food/meds to take/meds to get off of (I'm not entirely sure what he's on, but I can find out)? How long did it take you to stabilize your bowel program? Looking for some advice and positive notes that this is something he will hopefully be able to overcome so that he can lead a more normal (and less frustrating) life.

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    It took way more than 25 days, I'm afraid. At 6 months I was leaving the house regularly for intensive PT, and still worried. To this day I carry gloves, lube, disposal bag @ all times.

    I'd say incorporate some ground flaxseed, just a teaspoon or so. And water. Fiber + water makes for a large, complete BM.

    But in my experience, the suppositories were the culprit. Here's what I did, not for the faint of heart nor medically proven: Post-bowel program, use one of those baby snot suckers filled w/ warm water. Squirt it up there, dig stim, it gushes back out. Do it 3 or 4 times. It rinses the supp out of the rectum so it quits working.

    Also, cut that supp in half! Use as little as possible!

    And most important maybe, don't rush bowel care. Any little bits left in there act like a supp, plus they give me AD.

    I wish I'd known all this at 25 days...

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    4-9 is a big space of time.

    is he just using suppositories, if so what kind?
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    my son is incomplete t-7. i have found that you have to pick a bowel time and stick to it otherwise you will have accidents. he does his faithfully at 6pm everyday. we also don't use a suppository that stays in the bowl to long, we use a product called Enemeez. At bowel program time you sqirt it in and it relaxes the bowel. as soon as he is done going the product is completely gone so you don't have to worry about accidents later. but remember it can take up to a couple of weeks to train the bowel so don't get discouraged.

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    I'm T8 level and this happend here and there with me for some time. I did my BP at night and sometimes the next day at work usually leaning over stretching the next morning i would fart out the butt anyway I started to take a shower after the BM and before i got out i would double check. Usually gettin butt snot. Well since I started the double check wich is roughly 15 minutes after getting off the toilet has stopped the accidents. Best of luck.

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