I was recently diagnosed with stage one infiltrating ductal carcinoma. I had surgery to remove a small lesion two days ago, as well as had some lymph nodes removed that will be tested to see if the cancer has spread. I will be having both chemo and radiation in the coming months. I am T10/11 incomplete paraplegic. They installed a portacath, which is an indwelling catheter located near my shoulder that will allow them to insert a needle to do the chemo more easily. The chemo starts in about three weeks, then is once a week every three weeks for about four months. The radiation will be every day for two weeks straight. Not sure when that starts. My prognosis is excellent, I'm told, since it was caught very early It was detected on my annual mammogram (I am 59). The lesion is only a centimeter big, too small to be felt. The oncologist told me that once a lump is large enough to be felt, the cancer has advanced significantly, so I'm luck to have found it so early. I urge all of you to get your mammograms. It may have been too late had I waited. I'll keep you posted on my progress.