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    new to ths forum

    hi my name is mario.
    iam from eindhoven netherlands (hometown of philips industry).

    In june 2002 i got 4 bypasses at my heart .i was 38 years old . when i woke up i didnt fel see any problems .everything was okay at least they thought .

    after 2 days i could go out of bed try to walk well it went very good 4 foot that was it and i fel down .
    My cardiologist sayd ok you lost a lot of blood it will turn out ok .
    next day stil no progress in walking when i stood i got dizzy felt like drinking 20 bottles of beer .i started to get Anxiety attacks i thought it was my heart . a psycologist stood at my bed he sayd you can walk its pure trying .lol after having no Anxiety attacks anymore thy run out of options they looked for menere disease to make a long story short .after a mri scan ,dopplertest the neurologist concluded a brain damage when i asked him is that deu to the cabg operation he sayd no thats pure bad luck .id asked him what the optiond were he sayd try living with it there is nothing that we can do whats damaged cant be heald

    what id like to know if there are more people that have simular problems after openheart surgery

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    quite a few here that have had sci due to blood loss, and spinal stroke. sorry for your troubles. you have found a good place. welcome, there is a lot to know.

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    Unfortunately there is a risk for stroke with any heart surgery, esp. one where the heart is temporarily stopped like most by passes. This can allow clots to develop inside the heart, and once the heart is started again, these can travel up the carotids to your brain causing an embolic stroke.

    Were you referred to a good stroke rehabilitation center/program? Did you get self-care and mobility training in this program? Are you continuing to get therapy?


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