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    Cardiff, Wales

    Gotta head on over to Cardiff in September for a few days, then to a wedding over at Llangoed Hall deep in the back country. Anybody been to Cardiff before or live there? So far, from what I´m seeing online, the city is a nice place, with good hotels and cool places to check out. My wife and I are flying from Munich to Cardiff via Amsterdam. Thank God KLM is flying the Fokker 70 and not some prop-job.
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    Mike, I live about an hour from Cardiff. I have never stayed in any of the Hotels but I find it an easy place to get around. One thing you have to check at the train station is that there is one of the platforms that is not accessible, so if you are using the trains check that you are not leaving from platform zero. I have not tried using that platform for about three years and it may have changed since then.
    I do not use public transport in Cardiff because I tend to drive in, park up and then it is small enough to get around by pushing myself. If you are there the same weekend as a rugby international match expect it to be manically crowded but it will also be very lively and welcoming.

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    I was over in Cardiff/Swansea for the Rugby World Cup in 2007 - had a blast. The Welsh were very friendly people. The best part of Cardiff was that every night club I went too (we did lots - i was with my old rugby team) had a private handicap bathroom and elevators. I can't recall of any accessibility issues I encountered in Cardiff.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering if the center of the city has the most action/shopping, or over down in the Bay area. BTW, I found an out of the way B&B near Llangoed Hall called the Wye Knot Stop Cafe and B&B in a small town called Llyswen. It only has two rooms, but the downstairs room is accessable. I´ll do a write up after I get back.
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