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Thread: BC/BS of MN is trying to screw me

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    BC/BS of MN is trying to screw me

    Got a call today from Health care act. in bemidji, its were I get all my handicrapp stuff and they said that bc/bs of mn was now not going to pay for my glider standing frame because it is exerise equipment, I had to pay 20% of the cost which I did in jan 08 and HCA said they would pay the rest, HCA said that BC then said they should have send a pre approval letter and that it was too late to do that now that I had the glider. HCA asked me if wanted to setup a payment plan for $5800 I then told them to come and get it and they told me it was used WTF? Then HCA asked me to call BC and see if I could get them to pay for it??

    What should I do with this situation? do I need some legal rep? I also have a $1000 bill in collections because BC did not pay all my bills even though I have 100% accident coverage, I am appealing that but its of course killing my credit. what is the best thing in this situation?

    thanks for any help?
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    get used to it. happens all the time,. document and fight rep
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