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Thread: Washington DC Hotels (Atlanta too)

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    Washington DC Hotels (Atlanta too)

    I'm taking a roadtrip soon. Heading to Washington DC for a few days, then on down to Atlanta for a few more. I've visited both cities before, but I'd like to get the CC community's feedback on any hotels to check out or to steer clear of. Last time in DC I stayed @ the Holiday Inn. It was great that it was uber-close to the mall but I was so-so as far as the decor & ammenities (the bathroom was tough to get into & awfully tight). I heard the Hyatt Regency is pretty nice. I know a manyof you have visited for the W2W rallies I'd love to hear our oppinions

    Most of my time in Atlanta was spent @ the Shepherd Center so any reccomendations here would be helpful

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    The PVA puts a lot of people up at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Washington DC. It is not far from the White House, and right on the Metro, so easy to get to and from the airport or other sights served by the Metro. I have stayed there several times and I know they have accessible rooms with roll-in showers.


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