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Thread: PERS for living alone?

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    PERS for living alone?

    I posted this over at apparalysed also but I wanted to put it up here also.

    I've looked at these "Personal Emergency Response Sytems" as an aid to living alone. The last time I fell I was lucky that I had the cell phone right there.

    There is a new system on the market called "Freedom Alert". It also uses a pendant that you can wear or otherwise keep with you, and you can have up to 16 different pendants. But this system allows you to program phone numbers other than 911 AND you can talk to them via the pendant, you don't have to be near the base unit.

    I found it here,

    There are NO MONTHLY FEES

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    I've had a system like that for a long time, really saved me a couple of times when I followed over forward or to the side. I recommend it to quads living alone.
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