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Thread: wrist brace?

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    wrist brace?

    I have been using the Restorative Care of America wrist drop orthosis (model number 445WDO) and it is now completely wore out. The pharmacy I normally purchase them at does not have them and can't tell me when they will receive any. I have been looking online but cannot find them anywhere but at the manufacturer's website and they do not sell to the public.

    Anyone know where I can get these braces? Or if I could just get the replacement liners for them that maybe even better but I am having a hard time finding them. I will call the company sometime Monday to see who else sells them in my area but I was hoping I could find them online for a little cheaper.

    I could even use the model number 44DCT if they are cheaper as I could just take my cuff out of the old one and replace it.

    This is what I am looking for

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    Not sure if this site will ship to individual but worth a shot if you haven't already come across them.

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    Thank you, that is what I'm looking for and maybe an option. The price discrepancy is amazing, $55 on that site, the last ones I purchased last year were $32 at the pharmacy and the DME wants to charge insurance $200 for the same brace.

    Thank you for the link

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    You're welcome. Please let me know if they do ship directly to the public. How horrible it would be if they don't and they charge the dme $55.00 and pass it off for insurance and worse yet private pay for $200.00+ It would not surprise me at all.

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