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Thread: rectal tone

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    rectal tone

    The folks who do my bowel care all report that my rectum is tighter as a drum, much more than usual. Won't even accept a finger and clamps down tight when inserted. Been this way for about two months. Nothing's changed, be it meds, equipment, diet. No bleeding other than ocassional hemhorroidal irritation. My stool volume has also seemed to have decreased.

    I don't want to go chasing ghosts and get unnecessary tests such as a colonoscopy. My physiatrist didn't seem concerned enough to pursue further testing.

    Sound familiar to anyone? Any suggestions/comments?


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    Same here, when my rectum close that's it, nothing coming out until next time.
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    Yup, happened to me about 6months ago(I'm almost 6yrs post). Used to be, a little stim and it was opensesame. Now my finger gives out before that little bastard gets tired. No clue why.
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    FWIW, my doctor once told me I had a 'beautiful anus'....

    As long as your not pooping yourself I wouldn't worry about it. I too occasionally suffer from 'bleeding hemorrhoid syndrome'. It sound so sexy to say!

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    Last time I checked, my rectal tone was B flat.

    Seriously, clamping up can be a good thing.
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    As long as there is tone that holds the stool back, that is positive. However too much tone is not good either. Aslong as you are emptying your rectum, it is't a problem. However, if it does not allow you to empty your colon, then it is a problem. Are you having any constipation or impaction? You say that you are emptying some, but not as much before. Has anything else changed, like medications, diet, amount of fluid you are drinking?

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    Crags; If you are having issues with hemorrhoids it can definetly cause the rectum to tighten up. The hemorrhoid tissue is very painful and the rectum reacts when it is touched by tightening up. If you have external hemorrhoids you probably have some internal too. I would go to a Colorectal surgeon for an exam if I were you, it is best to treat them as early as possible. I waited to long to get mine checked and ended up having to have hemorrhoidectomy surgery 3 years ago. The recovery after surgery was very painful, I have severe nerve pain and it was much worse after the surgery. I ended up in the emergency room when I tried to have my first BM post surgery, my rectum wouldn't relax and I got severe AD. They had to use a suction device to clean me out. Able bodied people can tell you how painful it is to have a BM when you have hemorrhoids. They can control their rectum but ours tightens up in response to the pain.

    I'm seriously considering getting a colostomy because I'm already getting hemorrhoids again and will probably need surgery before long. I've also been having problems with sores on the hemorrhoid tissue, I guess it breaks down easily because it gets streched out and becomes thin. Once the damage is there it's hard to fix because they can only remove a certain amount of skin. There were days I would get AD when I sat up but the Dr. prescribed Peranex HC cream(it is Lidocaine and Hydrocortisone so it numbs and shrinks the hemorrhoids) and I can sit without getting AD. My Colorectal surgeon says they will continue to get worse due to sitting on shower/commode chair for long periods of time for BP's and shower. Just think how long we sit compared to AB's for a BM plus showering. I'm c5/6 24 years post and my BP's have definetly slowed down, early on I didn't have much trouble. Some people have more trouble than others.

    Sorry for the long post, and I don't mean to scare you but I know how bad these things can get. You can probably try Lidocaine gel before your bowel program to help the pain and use the Peranex after if you have swelling. I hope you find some relief.

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by DeadEye View Post
    Last time I checked, my rectal tone was B flat.

    Seriously, clamping up can be a good thing.
    OMG Silly B Flat ???
    IMOP certain meds Constipate me bad Darvocet and things like that
    Real bad
    I hit the Good ol Prune Juice and Bingo Sometimes Exlax

    As for My Rectal tone I forget So I'll ask my music teacher Joe what key I am Ask Joe he knows all the Notes .....
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    It varies by the day with me. Some days during one or two of my bowel routine’s stims it is tight, some days all of the stims, most days not too bad for most of them. Taking a few deep relaxing breaths seems to help it relax even though I have a complete injury cannot feel my bottom.

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    I use lidocaine 5% gel pre bowel routine to knock down the pain stimuli. Nothing is able to cause it to drop out. Drop down, yes, but it can't get past the tight ring. Needs manual removal. Haven't been to rectal MD in 2 yrs. Used to get injected pretty regularly.

    Scheduled for next week.

    I have severe, stabbing pain in my front deep lower abdomen which may be bowel related. Bladder is ok, but bowel/bladder nerves are intertwined, so in SCI diagnosis can be difficult.

    Thanks for the info.

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