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Thread: French labelled world's worst tourists

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    While it's a gross generalization, the French are accustomed to their ways. They're very protective of their identity and their language. French has a lot of walls around its language, while English grabs words from other languages like a sponge.

    However, I cannot agree with the assertion that the French are not open to other languages. Almost all French people I know are bilingual, or even multilingual. The French begin early learning a second tongue and learn it throughout their entire education tenure.

    I think the French make the world's worst tourists because they just love home so much.

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    I live in French Canada! I'm so confused!

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    Ehhhhh... pardon eh moi?

    trebien seevuplay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthQuad View Post
    Ehhhhh... pardon eh moi?

    trebien seevuplay!

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