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Thread: One of the most annoying things about SCI is....

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    Crossing a busy intersection, not having your legs secured and they both kick straight out--stiff as a board--and you can do nothing with them until you get to the curb. It's quite a show for the drivers....

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    ^^^ having to convince onlookers that you are not, in fact, having a seizure.

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    Not having enough room or space handle your business.
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    i have awful dysreflexia problems. I have a super pubic catheter and when the bacteria in my bladder gets too high of a count i get massive dysreflexia attacks that don't stop until i've been on antibiotics for a couples days.

    my blood pressure soars and then drops low, extremely hot and then cold, i sweat profusely

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    Originally Posted by Ashley
    how long it takes to do everyday things...I feel like I spend 1/2 the day showering and dressing and getting ready to go out. Having to poo on a schedule...really ruins my social life.
    I feel the exact same! takes forever! or when you feel like you have to go the bathroom and your are just about ready to go to sleep. Such a long process!
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    Ending up in an elevator and whoops FARTED...always makes me feel wonderful.
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    thanks guys, I sometimes think I'm the only one. This is a shitty thread, but it makes me feel better to know I'm not alone. What determination it takes just to leave the house.

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    Besides the others mentioned, I hate being unable to wheel in the rain!

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    Loss of spontaneity.

    Fear of bowel accidents.

    Never being Free.
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    Having to be around people you don't particularly like and having to ask them for every little thing, please and thank you.

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