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Thread: Working To Walk??

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    Working To Walk??

    Does anyone know about the Working To Walk program? it's gonna be in chicago next month and I'd really like to go but I do not know much about it.. So if anyone has any info please let me in on it.
    Thanks Kohl

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    I tried the site but I didn't find it very informative, thank you you though

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    Hi kguffey84! I'm not sure what information your specifically looking for. There is information on the site regarding registration, hotels, schedule and some links to previous W2Ws. I posted this in the Leg & Advocacy Forum this morning and will post it for you here as well. The W2W thread on the A&L forum can be found here...

    Hope this helps!

    Kate will once again be blogging W2W. As in the past, information is presented which has not been published and researchers ask attendees not to tape or take photos of their presentations until they have had an opportunity to do so. In order for you to learn about all of the research being presented, it's really best to be there. We will do our best to disseminate information, but respect the requests of researchers.

    Here is the list of presenters –

    Stephen Davies, Ph.D., Associate Professor – University of Colorado
    Peter Gorman, M.D., Associate Professor – Univ. of MD, Director SCI Service – Kernan Hospital
    Steven Hinderer, M.D., MS, PT, Medical Director – Walk the Line
    Phillip Horner, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor – University of Washington
    Peter Wilderotter & Susan Howley – Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
    Douglas Kerr, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor – John Hopkins Medicine
    Naomi Kleitman, Ph.D., Program Dir., Repair and Plasticity – NIH/NINDS
    John MacDonald, M.D., Ph.D, ICSCI – Kennedy Krieger Institute
    W. Barry McKay, BS, REEGT, Dir. Of Research Studies – University of Louisville
    Edward Nieshoff, M.D., Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
    Edward Wirth, M.D., Ph.D., Medical Director – Geron Corporation
    Wise Young, M.D., Ph.D., Director Keck Center – Rutgers University

    We’re finally going to be talking about HUMAN clinical trials! We will also have a session on understanding the hurdles scientists face when organizing a clinical trial and discuss how they will measure recovery. There will also be a session on current rehab/recovery therapies from 3 doctors from 3 different rehab facilities.

    The schedule includes time after the presentations for attendees to ask questions and a cocktail party and breakout sessions are also planned, which will give everyone an opportunity to meet. A Day at the Races is scheduled for the third day, hosted by the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation.

    This is a really exciting year for paralysis research and I hope you can join us. I know of a number of people from CC have already registered and I look forward to seeing some old friends and meeting new ones. Please check out the website for the complete schedule and registration details.

    ~ Donna
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    I can't attend but really look forward to know what info will be presented here. Will you be blogging it like last time?
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    lunasicc42 -
    Yep, Kate will be blogging. Refer to my previous post.
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    i do hope they will ask some of the doctors when are we going to see the Reults or is it away to keep us in hope ? ref a other 5 years or 10 or more this is not to you it is at the researchers so stop the BULL s--t and show us what they have got if they want us to gave money and donate you like to see where the money is going i am sorry if this language is strong but it is the not knowing and than some one will come a long and say things that they can not back up and we can not see ? this is all good for the ones that see these testing but do you not think it is a bout time they let the cat out of the bag
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