Selling a brand new Invacare ProSpin x4. I've only rolled around it in the house a couple of times. Seat is 17 wide, 18 deep. Floor to seat (w/out cushion) is 20 in the front, 17 in the back. Back height is 17 (adjustable). Spinergy Spox w/Schwalbe Marathon Plus (24's) and soft roll casters. Also includes an underseat pouch and front frame guards (not pictured). Back wheels can be adjusted several inches up or down, front plate is about 16 from bottom of the seat, adjustable several inches up or down. Handrims are coated and currently in the long tab position. Has anti-tippers but no push handles or armrests. Priced on Sportaid I think it was around $2600. If you need any more specs, high res pics, or to shoot me offers you can PM. I can also throw in new mounting hardware for a Jay 3 back to go with it in case you want to take off the soft back. Front angle is 80 degree fixed.