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Thread: Willgo - a new lever drive system for chairs

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    Willgo - a new lever drive system for chairs

    There's a good review for the Willgo wheelchair, a new lever drive chair that's much better than the other lever drives, at They've also got a posting about the Nu-Drive Lever system.

    Check it out. The Willgo sounds really good.
    It's an interesting website too.

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    looks good but given the chair is part of the package too, it wont be cheap.

    I have the nuDrive Levers, they are good value for me as I can fit them onto wheels so I can push myself round flat shopping centre and remove them in my house where I dont need them.

    As I live alone and cant drive, my mobility scooter and electric chair gets more use outdoors on a daily basis but the nuDrive levers weren't so expensive they were out of my budget for the few times a year I would use them.

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