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    Tipping over

    hi i had a avm 81/2 years ago,after the doc's removed what they could it left me with little to no movement from the tit's down,a burning pain that is so intence that it controls and consumes all my time no drug's help when i sit in my bed or wheelchair i will start leaning to my left and in a few seconds i have tiped over i must keep fighting to stay upright it's a real pain in my ass to keep up with. explishy in the wheelchair. my doc's want a mri of the entire spinal cord as soon as someone is there turn my baclofen pump off and on. my pump delivers 800 micro grains a day,oxycotin 20 mg twice a day,6 percet 10/325 a day,800 mg gabafintin 3 times a day,40 mg paxil a day,1 mg klonpin a day.none of these drug's realy help much.i have tried all type's of drug's and dose's in 8 1/2 year's. could the drug's be my problem with tipping over? any help or ideas would be great thank's

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    I'm a T10 with a pump. I've been up to 900mcg/day, I take 900mg of gabapentin 3x/day and have no balance probs. The oxy's and perc's may be a factor, I've never been on those.

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    You are on a lot of medications that could cause loss of balance. I don't think that there is just one that it could be attributed to. It could also be due to the muscle control (or lack of it) that your avm caused.


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    You may want to look into getting a cushion that straightens you out. I have a curve in my back and my left hip sits considerably lower. I'm sitting on a Roho Quattro cushion that allows me to get into the right position and lock the air into four separate chambers on the cushion to keep me from leaning to my left. It's really made a big difference on how I sitand it's really helped out a lot with back pain. Just recently tried a whole bunch of other cushions but couldn't find anything nearly as comfortable.
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