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    New to this forum

    On July 3rd, I fell off my backsteps, landing directly on the top of my head,
    I heard and felt my neck pop or crack, 190 lbs on my neck. Then tried to use my left hand as support, felt it pop or crack as well, then blacked out.

    I was told, by the hospital trauma team, via MRI, compression of C4-C6 vertebrae discs putting pressure on spinal cord. Left Thumb dislocated at base of thumb and wrist.

    Surgery on left thumb in 2 weeks, outpatient.

    In 2 weeks neck will be re=evaluated, surgery not ruled out.

    No paralysis, thank God
    Complications, so far

    Memory functionality
    Inability to know and remember current day, date, month, year
    Inability to remember and recite given number or word sequences
    Dizziness feeling possibility of blacking out
    Inability to know or feel hunger or being full
    Inability to know or feel the need to use the bathroom
    i.e. bowel movement or urination
    I have not lost bowel control, just do not feel the need to go
    Balance when walking very unstable
    Sensory function, can feel touch, just unable to pinpoint location of touch
    Tingling all over the body, now inadvertent off and on, now not constant.
    Fire or burning sensation throughout body, in waves
    Extreme pain, 7 to 8 out of 10, in neck at its base of head and neck
    Extreme pain, 8 out of 10, in wrist and thumb, left hand
    Extreme pain, 8 out of 10, back of skull, like a screwdriver or ice pick
    jammed in the back of my skull.
    Inability to sleep at night due to pain

    Are these symptoms common with this type of injury
    When the swelling goes down, will the problems be corrected
    Thank you for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it,
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    Yes, these types of problems are common with a minor to moderate brain injury. That is what occured, and while it happened at the same time as your spinal injury, that is not the cause. It is the brain injury (concussion). Do you know how long you were unconscious? What is your first memory after the fall?

    I would strongly recommend that you see a rehab specialist in brain injury rehab and see if you can get into a day treatment type program. This will not necessarily fix these problems, but can teach you methods for coping with and dealing with them.

    It can take at least 6 months to recover from an injury like this, and 20% have long term functional problems. Working or going to school may be very difficult, and it is common to also have social and relationship problems as well as depression. Get the right help now (and you or your family will probably have to fight for such care, unfortunately).

    Where are you located?

    (PS: please complete your profile.)


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    I live in Wichita, Kansas (USA)
    I blacked out for 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
    My first memory after my fall, was extreme pain in my left wrist and my neck.
    I have Physical Therapy (P.T.), Occupational Therapy (O.T.), Speech Therapy (for my memory), RN. I thought if the swelling in my neck went down (perhaps with surgery if needed) I would be back to "normal". I didn't realize a concussion was causing my symptoms.

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    If you have not had neuropsych testing or an evaluation by a clinical neuropsychologist, you should ask for this. Also ask your team if they can refer you to a local cognitive rehab or life skills day program. These may be associated with a major rehab center, or even with local colleges and universities.


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