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Thread: Beginning to stand with new AFO'S

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    Beginning to stand with new AFO'S

    I just got new AFO's (Arizona lace up leather) and with them I can ALMOST stand by myself with a stationary walker. Its hard to get my right knee to lock, but I can for a few seconds and if someone pushes it back lightly i can stand for a bit. I am almost 6 years post sci, and am getting stronger it seems at a faster rate now. 2 years ago I had normal function down to just above my hip flexors, no glutes or hamstrings and some adductors. I still have no movement below my knees, but I routinely move my feet with my hands repetitively and try to make the connection.

    How far can I go? I will find out... My motivation has definitely amped up as I can "see" the possibility of walking by myself with a walker.

    Prayer, encouragement, HARD WORK and the fabulous trainers at
    ADAPT... oh and TIME and MONEY... oh and the nature of my injury that enabled me to respond to the therapy... it takes a lot of elements. (Its not just positive thinking)
    I must admit I'm very excited and proud
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    Very exciting dalagee22! Keep up the great work.
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    You got the right attitude! Keep on pushing, I will pray that you make huge gains!

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    great work.

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    Things are looking up Jody. Keep it up.
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    Thanks all. We are going to do a video to update friends on my progress. I'll post it when we do. I want to be able to stand and lock both knees, then take a few steps before we make it. I know I don't have to wait till then, but it helps to motivate me.

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    keep on going! sounds great! I can't wait to see your video of your progress! i'd love to see it!!
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    most recent video:

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    Way to go Darleegee!!

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    Congrats Darlagee, I've actually been wondering how you were.
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