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Thread: What to do if it's about 25 pounds overweight?

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    What to do if it's about 25 pounds overweight?


    My sister got car accident a year ago. She is 5 feet tall and its standard body weight with this height is about 100 pounds. Since she is confined to the wheelchair and lack of movement, she is now 125 pounds which is 25 pounds overweight. Could you suggest how to do on her dietary?

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from your help soon.

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    one of the best things about being overweight is the extra padding in your butt, makes istting alot easier, someone else could probably help you on the diet
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    You didn't mention her level of injury but basically it's like any other person needing to lose weight. Cut out the white sugar and food intake and exercize more. If she is using a manual chair she should be out there pushing especially do hills. There are machines like the Vitaglide and ergobike machines that work off the pounds if used consistently. Joining a gym and using a personal trainer would also be of great benefit.

    The added weight may be good for the butt, but its is really deteremental in overall health and fitness.

    It would really be helpful if you gave some added info on your sister; age,level of injury and length of time since injury.

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    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your advise. My sister is C6 completed so she can't move her fingers but only limited movement of her arms and wrists. She is 31 and her injury is since March last year.


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    Hi Brucec,

    Thanks for your advise. Do you have any sugguestion for her food intake? Or any food menu that she can follow?


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    She needs to keep track of what she is eating NOW for at least 2 weeks. Then see a dietitian and get an analysis of how many calories she is eating daily. Cut out 500 calories daily, and she should loose 2 lb. per week, which is considered safe. Avoid crash or fad diets. She still needs to have protein, fruits and veggies so she has the nutrients and vitamins to maintain her skin and other health.

    At C6 she can exercise. A hand cycle or stationary arm ergometer are options. Swimming is great exercise. Working out with weights (strapped to her hands), pushing distance in her manual wheelchair on a level surface like a running track or in a mall is excellent too. This will help her burn off more calories as well.

    What does she do for fun and with her free time? Often over-eating is due to bordem and depression.

    Being overweight does not necessarily make you have more cushioning of your butt. Many people with paralysis just put on weight in their belly and not in their butt. Being overweight also makes it more difficult to do weight shifts effectively, to transfer without dragging, and may even make your wheelchair too small (all of which can lead to skin breakdown).

    Of course she needs to want to loose the weight. You cannot make her to this if she is not motivated to do it for herself.


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