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Thread: Take-Along Lift

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    Take-Along Lift

    Brand new and never used...not even once. Sells for $1,800 with split sling form

    Sell for $1,300

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    Just curious why you are selling? We actually got the prototype and did some R&D with the inventor for changes in design. Have been using it for travel since 1999. Downside is you need to be sitting first before putting it in position, and it won't lift you from the floor, but it is very compact, works for cars and bed, and has been around the world with us.


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    I told my parents I did not need it. Its only a few months old and not used once. I use a sliding board. Just going to flip it for money to pay for an Uppertone.

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    I had a question about lifting from the floor; from their website it appears that they sell an extension to connect to the sling to allow that.
    - Richard

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    That is something new. I talked to the guy about it. It is quite complex, and not sure it would work for us. Not nearly as simple as most other travel lifts like the Molift Smart or Hoyer Advance, and this lift is also not cheap.


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    Bought it

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