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Thread: RIP Armando DePeralta

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    RIP Armando DePeralta

    Our oldest SCI client passed away peacefully in his sleep on 7/3/09. He was 94 years old, and sustained a spinal cord injury (paraplegia) in a military training accident in 1942. We suspect he was among the oldest living survivors of SCI. He went on to be a very successful businessman and fathered a number of children in spite of his SCI. Here is his obituary:

    I went to his viewing today with one of our doctor's to pay our respects and talk with his family. Although he was very wealthy, he choose to get his medical care through the VA and was always very complimentary about the care he received from us. He was a major donor to the PVA for many years and we are told he left a substantial legacy to the PVA in his will.

    He was a brilliant man, but unfortunately was in a lot of pain during his last few years. I know he is at peace now.


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    KLD thanks for sharing a little bit about the extraordinary life of this gentleman. William


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    What an amazing man. Thank you for letting us know about him.

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    Wow! R.i.p.

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    Quite an accomplished life. When I was first hurt, there were a few quadriplegic WWII veterans still living in the extended care portion of Shaughnessy Hospital. And many WWII veterans who were paraplegic's pushed for many of the benefits that Vancouver's wheelchair users now enjoy.

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    RIP Mando.

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    RIP Armanda. Awesome man! I'm sorry for your lose.
    He must have loved the care ya'll gave him.

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    He must have been an extraordinary man.

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    Did anybody else see his first wife died in 2007, does that mean he remarried when he was 92 years old? All the power to him if he did. KLD you have mentioned him in the past many times may he rest in peace.
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    Hope he shot a lot of enemies. God will be glad.

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