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Thread: Pregnancy questions T-12's

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    Pregnancy questions T-12's

    Hey =) I have many questions about pregnancy and SCI. I am a T12 incomplete who just recently got married (yay!) and is talking babies. I have many many questions but one of my biggest concerns is bowel & bladder control.
    *How well does it or doesnt it work with a baby pushing on everything? I am worried about accidents, leakage, how to do a program, etc.... Anyone been through it yet and how did it go? *Also, my doc a few years back said I would need a C-Section, Im freaked about an epidural. How can they give me that right where my fused bones are?? Its hard to find doctors that know anything about SCI & Pregnacy. =( Any info would be nice pre-pregnancy.

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    Welcome to our forums.

    Do you already have a good OB? Have you met with him/her to discuss attempting a pregnancy? There are meds you should stop BEFORE you try to get pregnant, and it is critical that you be in excellent general and SCI specific health first. For example, you don't want to try a pregnancy if you have skin breakdown or a kidney stone.

    The uterus is innervated at T10, so yes, it would be common that you might need an epidural for labor. Your OB may want to get some spinal Xrays NOW before you are pregnant and consult with an anesthesiologist now so there is a plan in place for how this would be done.

    There is no reason you should need a C-section just because you have a SCI...just for the same reason that AB women have them (fetal distress, small pelvis, etc.). The average labor for a woman with SCI is 4 hours, and it is common that forceps something similar may be needed to assist, but at T12 you should have nearly all your abdominal pushing muscles, so that is much less likely.

    You are at higher risk for UTI, DVT and constipation than AB women, so should be followed more closely during pregnancy. How do you manage your bladder now?

    Other common problems during pregnancy for women with SCI are increased risks for bladder leakage, skin breakdown and problems with independence in transfers, ADLs and self bowel/bladder care during the last trimester especially.

    I would recommend that you check out these resources before you attempt a pregnancy. Then find a good OB, and ask that they work together with your physiatrist in planning for this pregnancy with you.

    I would also encourage you to read about what other women here have written about their pregnancies. Most of these messages are now in the Family forum, but there are some here. You might try using the search terms "pregnancy" and "pregnant".


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    I have yet to find a good OB/Gyn that has had patients with SCI's in the past. I have a new insurance (Kaiser) and Im still figuring out how they work. I am definetly searching for one before we try anything so we can be as prepared as possible. I will search for others pregnancies stories. =) Thanks!

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    Where are you located? If you don't have one at your Kaiser, you can request an out-of-network physician with a good justification and support from your primary care physician. Do you have a physiatrist through Kaiser?


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    I am in Northern Cali. The Kaiser facility i go to is in Antioch, Ca. I went today just to get a referral to see a physiatrist and the internal med doctor told me she wanted me to go to her first before i went to any other doctor. She is not a specialist so I am trying to find out what I can do to get a referral elsewhere. I know the Walnut Creek facility has high-risk OB's, and the Martinez facility has a Spine Clinic w/physiatrists. (I searched If you or anyone knows of a Kaiser Dr. close to me I would be greatful.

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    The major Kaiser rehab center in No. California is at Vallejo. You might try calling them to see if they have such resources there. That is not too far from Antioch.


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    you can also check out articles at
    if you click on "articles", there are a bunch there or click on "other resources" and there are some great ones there including a great book, "The Disabled Woman's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth".
    if you want to contact me directly, i can give you some e-mail addresses of other women who have hade children.
    good luck!

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    Hey there,

    I live in Santa Rosa, I'm a c6 quad (18yrs.) with a 3 year old daughter. I wasn't a kaiser member, but the OB co-ordinator at the SR kaiser is my best friend. email me if you like and maybe i can get some info for you.

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    i am late joining this thread but i am a 16 year post injury T12/L1 complete para with a three year old son and another baby due late October. WLC's suggestions above are great ones and I can also tell you my experience with pregnancy and delivery if you like. my email is listed below.
    good luck!

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    Wendy, welcome, but I removed your personal e-mail address. It is not wise to post that on public forums. People who want to contact you can use the PM function (which you have turned on) or the e-mail function (which you do not). The latter does not show them your e-mail address but does sent the message to the e-mail address you used when registering.


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